A Win for Ohio Dems: Democratic State Leg Candidates Added to Ballot Over LaRose Objection

We knew you’d want to hear some good news, and we’re glad to share it.

tldr; On Friday (which was a busy day for a whole host of reasons) the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of four Democratic candidates for state legislature, who Secretary of State Frank LaRose claimed had missed the filing deadline.

Background: Candidates Filed in May, LaRose Objected

The candidates had filed their candidate paperwork on May 4 for the August 2 primary.

The statute says that you need to file within 90 days of the election. May 4 is 90 days before the August 2 primary.

But LaRose claimed their filings were untimely because they didn’t file by the original filing deadline … which was in February. That original February deadline was set 90 days before the May 3 primary. But when that May 3 primary was moved to August 2, LaRose refused to move the filing deadline.

Adding to the confusion, as of the original filing deadline in February, the district lines had not even been set.

Resolution: The OH Supreme Court’s Decision and Who Made the Ballot

The Ohio Supreme Court looked at the statute, heard the arguments, and found the candidates’ May 4 filings timely.

That means there are four more Democratic candidates who are now eligible to be on the ballot:

Two state senate candidates filed for State Senate District 25: William DeMora and Elizabeth Thein. 

In the state House, Anita Somani, an OB/GYN (which feels particularly relevant in the current climate), filed for District 11 and Leronda Jackson filed for District 39.

We’re very excited that these candidates are now eligible to be on the ballot!

And we’re excited to share some good news with you. We can all use some of that now and again, right?

More Good News: Blue Ohio Community Growing Fast!

And we have MORE good news!

Since we launched Blue Ohio in the last few days of April, we’ve grown our community to over 600 people! That’s simply amazing.

We’re going to make sure every Democratic nominee has resources to fight fiercely in every corner of the state. No more free passes for Republican extremists.

And no more forgotten Democrats.

Plus, if you’re a member at $10/month or more, you’re automatically invited to our monthly “brown bag” virtual lunches, where we hear from special guests, amplify each others’ work, learn about what’s going on in the statehouse and celebrate our progress.

Our next monthly member meeting is on July 15 – and we hope to see you there.

If you’re already a member – fist bump! Help us grow by reaching out to two people and telling them why they should join you as part of Blue Ohio. 

Onward, upward, and in solidarity~
The Blue Ohio Team

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