Gerrymandered Districts: Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Map as Unconstitutional

Another Unconstitutional Map

The Ohio Supreme Court just ruled that the maps submitted by the Redistricting Committee violate our state Constitution, because they are unconstitutional gerrymanders.


This is the sixth time that the Court has stricken down the Redistricting Committee’s maps as unconstitutional gerrymanders.

This is also the sixth time the Redistricting Committee has thumbed their nose at the rule of law (and the Ohio Supreme Court).

The Impact of the Court’s Ruling … and Gerrymandered Districts

Because Ohio Republicans refuse to follow the law, this year Ohio voters have to vote for candidates in unconstitutional, gerrymandered districts.

In May, the congressional primary used an unconstitutional gerrymandered map.

Our upcoming August primary will use an unconstitutional gerrymandered map for state legislature. 

And our November general election will use unconstitutional gerrymandered maps.

We’ll continue the fight for fair districts. We’ll keep pushing for constitutional maps. But Ohio voters are feeling the damage already.

We need to hold these Republicans accountable. Just think about it. Any other Ohioan would be in big trouble for breaking the law six times. Why are they getting a free pass?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that these days. I’ll bet you have too. 

So here’s the thing: right now, elections are right around the corner.

That means running and supporting Democrats in every district is the best way we can hold these lawbreakers accountable right now.

Why? Because they gerrymander districts to avoid a general election and the accountability that goes along with it. When we run and fund Democratic nominees in those gerrymandered districts anyway, we thwart their plan.

That’s as satisfying as it is effective.

Join the Community That’s Holding Republicans Accountable … By Lifting Democrats Up

But running and funding Democrats everywhere requires a group effort. That’s where Blue Ohio comes in. We’re a group of over 700 people that makes sure Democrats running for state legislature have resources to fight fiercely, no matter what district they’re in. 

It’s crowdfunding for democracy – and accountability. But it’s more than that. It’s a community.

We have monthly virtual “brown bag” lunches that have been described as “[bleep]ing great,” “inspiring,” “motivating,” and “awesome.” (Members at $10/month or more are automatically invited to our live events; all members have access to the recordings.)

During those lunches we hear from Democratic candidates, talk about what’s going on in the statehouse, and share things that we can all do to pitch in. 

And 100% of the funds donated to the nominees go to the nominees. Our Blue Ohio community grows and sustains itself through optional tips. 

Join me and over 700 of your fellow Ohioans at Blue Ohio. Join the community that will finally hold these Republicans accountable. 

If you’ve not yet become a member, click the button below and join us today.



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